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Wow, you managed to find the lamest anime blog on tumblr.
Here's a sample of home-growncrap.
Also, expect to find SOUTH PARK, text posts, food, art, Asia related stuff in general and wow I'm trying real hard not to write on Hanai's head so let's pretend I wrote enough ok

Italy ☆ 1991


i hope you meant style


Nishinoya Yuu - bird version (Goldcrest)

(bird pic from here)

my kingdom for nishinoya’s eyes


i almost scrolled awayalmost


i almost scrolled away


An early submission to #hq_69min


An early submission to 

(he’s so cute though…)

(he’s so cute though…)

OH btw do you like a animal crossing new leaf character? if you don't know just tell me animals you like, there will probably be one of them ^^

I don’t know animal crossing DDD: I like cats, foxes and goldfish tho ahahah



You guys are so fucking fast at art and i spent a whole day for a lineart. AND i don’t even wanna think about the centuries that will go by whilst i color. So my question is is there someone willing to by my soul for, say, two kg of talent


cries about these kids being dumb, picking fights, getting lost, losing track of time. hating each other periodically, only to end up laughing all together at the lamest joke they can pull. cries because soon after, they all grow up.

Yoo, how's everything? I don't have much to say through here cause there's so many things i want to talk about that there's not enough space so just gonna send this ask to see if we can manage to get a way to talk soon ^^ have a good day!

hey ** same here, I’m still recovering from the eye surgery i had last week so it’s not like i’ve been on tumblr that much on the past days. >< Since my doctor said artificial light won’t hurt my eyes i started spending this time i got between a surgery and another (on sept 23) studying japanese and testing my new tablet eheh. I’m still slow as hell because i know  *NoThInG*  aboout brushes, colors and other photoshop shit so it takes me ages to even draw a decent face >_>  
Anyway…i’ll try to show up on skype more >:/ i want to know what you have to say ahah
i missed uuuUuUuU

Dear Father, we bought this tv like ten years ago, could you please learn how to turn it off properly before you leave the house again? Thanks a lot, best regards


sorry i died at “and he can fucking tan”

I can’t escape the Boy Wonder who can Tan I will never be #1……..

seems like someone needs their #1 to be rewritten on the back of their uniform

show him who you are