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sta cosa è risultata più difficile del previsto e non l’ho manco finita ma non ce ne frega quindi ciao e sì sto scrivendo in italiano perché a nessuno interessa tranne a G che molto probabilmente non sapeva chi taggare perché davvero a qualcuno piace il mio blog? boh vabbe ti voglio bene lo stesso ♥

STFU non sei mica il primo disgraziato che mi è capitato a tiro akjdfhaj e maggior ragione perché ti conosco, so che sei senza dubbio uno dei besuto 10 !!! Eeee gnante, posso dirti che anche per me è stato difficile ma alla fince ce l’abbiamo fatta, perché siamo fiche. Ebbasta.

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WHAAAAAAT IS THIS ok if i got it it means i’m one of your favorite followers ahsgkad i’ll do it ;O; 5 things are so many tho
1 - i sometimes like the shape of my eyes because they’re slightly slented
2 - I like that calm, reflective but competitive side of my character
3 - I think i have an ear for music and i can sing in tune (but my voice is satan so i end up not singing in public anyway orz)
4 - i have good memory
5 - i am never satisfied with my work and i take advantage of every opportunity to try and improve my skills in everything i do actually because i’m a perfectionist piece of shit who always wants to be succesful


*awkwardly left alone with a baby* soooo….. do you… watch game of thrones?


if there was a contest for karasuno as to who would be the best boyfriend, tanaka would win dont even try to fight me on this


a japanese teenager sits his parents down

"mom dad, im gay"

"but son how do you know? are you in love?"

the son shakes his head as a tear rolls down his face. he lifts his hands from his lap. they are bigger than his face. his mother begins to weep

he has yaoi hands.


*gorillaz feel good inc laugh*


Favorite Friendship: Tanaka + Nishinoya + Hinata


if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports

Tajimaid for yesterday’s prompt~

Tajimaid for yesterday’s prompt~

But what's more important right now 
is how Iwaizumi kept the team from falling apart
with that point and his words